Completed subscription for a new GALENIKA-FITOFARMACIJA a.d. issue of shares


Dear shareholders, hereby we inform you that on the basis of the decision reached at the Annual General Meeting as of 26/06/2015, GALENIKA-FITOFARMACIJA a.d. increased its share capital from its own funds by issuing new shares of VI emission.

Shares of VI emission have been registered at the issuing account of the issuer with the following labels: CFI code ESVUFR and ISIN number RSFITOE21521; they are ordinary shares, with a voting right and a single nominal value of 1,330 RSD per share, they grant the same right as the shares previously owned by the shareholders and they can be freely disposed of.

New shares shall be allotted to the shareholders in proportion to the number of the shares they owned on 26/06/2015 and in the way that every share entitles to one (1) more new share.

The information on the acquisition of new shares has been sent to all shareholders. On the basis of the received notification, each shareholder should register the shares at its own proprietary account in the Central Registry (book entry), with the brokerage firm he has a proprietary account with. No deadline was set, but the book entry is necessary to be performed before any disposal of shares.

You may receive all additional information in person, by our corporate agent: "Galenika – BROKER" a.d. Masarikov trg 8A, Zemun, or by the phone numbers: +381 11 3076-046, 316-2260 and 3161-666.