GALENIKA-FITOFARMACIJA a.d. JSC participant on the project ECOZEO


GALENIKA-FITOFARMACIJA a.d. JSC is a participant on FP7 project supported by European Commission and the title of this four-year project is "Developing a pool of novel and eco-efficient applications of zeolite for the agriculture sector".

ECO-ZEO aims at the development of a new pool of GREEN CROP PROTECTION PRODUCTS (efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable) for agriculture, to be used as a coating of the leaves and fruits. Such green products will deliver a wide range of beneficial effects in terms of water efficiency, control of pests and diseases, reduction in pesticide use, increase of crop yield and tolerance to abiotic stress.

This pool of products will rely on the following S/T advances:

  1. Zeolite 4A applied on the surface of leaves and fruits;
  2. Adapted strategies for sustainable crop protection: chromatic masking, behaviour interference, biocontrol;
  3. Novel use of sustainable active ingredients and pigments;
  4. New configurations of additives/adjuvants for enhanced performance of the coating.

ECO-ZEO will be achieved by means of a new innovation process in agricultural green products based on the alliance of Academia, Agro-Biotech SMEs and Industry. A new pool of S/T knowledge for continuous development, enabling applications for different crops, threats, production systems and scenarios, will be made available by the agents engaged in this scheme. Such a pool will comprise research methodologies and best practices for the development of new products and assessment of their sustainability.

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