Galenika Fitofarmacija | Tolling


Galenika Fitofarmacija has large experience in toll manufacturing of plant protection products. We have the possibility to provide toll manufacturing services, for liquid and solid/powder types of formulations. The formulation types are represented by the following: EC, SC, SL, SE, OD, EW, GR, SP. We offer full service to our clients from the purchase of raw materials and co-formulants to the storage of final products. On the client request, we can provide optimization of the composition of products, as well as approval or validation of the new source of co-formulants or active ingredients.

For the purpose of tolling different types of formulations - liquid and powdered plant protection products, we have 10 separate drainage systems in the plant while producing herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Prevention of cross-contamination is one of the basic postulates of our manufacturing, followed by residues analysis of previous products, as well as validation of washing quality.

The systematic approach to the service we offer, the procedurally ensured manageability of each segment with the technological equipment and process control of the required physicochemical parameters, enable the full traceability of the quality of each batch produced. Certificates of detailed analysis of formulated batches, relevant MSDS of products that are part of the documentation we provide.

Samples of batches produced shall be stored for one year after the expiry date.

Our service is characterized by high flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements, whether a complete technological solution is required, followed by the advice of our experts and product testing, or formulation with client-provided supervision.

We also provide a plant protection product packaging service only. We provide packaging from different transport packages (IBC container, barrel, baggage, bag, etc.) into individual packages according to client's request.

We have state-of-the-art packaging lines for packaging liquid formulations from 50 ml to 10 l (HDPE, HDPE / PA, PET bottles and canisters) and powder formulations from 2.5 g to 1 kg (duplex and triplex foil).

We have achieved successful cooperation with many European companies, and the products we have produced are shipped to Russia, Belarus, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom.

In case you have additional questions or wish to cooperate, you can contact us at the following addresses: kolovic@fitofarmacija.rsor