Galenika Fitofarmacija | EU Countries

Registration activities in the European Union

GALENIKA-FITOFARMACIJA currently has 12 products registered in 19 Member states of the European Union with a total number of 65 registrations across the EU.

Creating registration documentation in accordance with the regulations of the European Union began in 2010. This is a necessary precondition for achieving the strategic goal of our company - maintaining a leading position in the domestic market, but also entering a very demanding EU market.

After many years of testing the characteristics of our products (such as physicochemical properties, efficiency, ecotoxicological properties, etc.), it was determined that in terms of quality they meet the strictest registration criteria. All the above-mentioned examinations were performed in the Member States of the European Union where the products were registered in order to determine and confirm the appropriate quality. After the investment of significant resources (work of employees in the company GALENIKA-FITOFARMACIJA, time and financial resources), registration files were submitted to the competent EU regulatory authorities, which assess the results of the performed tests and product quality.

We are constantly working on the development of our products for farmers in Serbia, and we also launch these products of the same quality to the European Union market. Our intention is to provide farmers in Serbia and Europe with access to high-quality products manufactured in Serbia.